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Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Luna Collection

Optical Frames

Fab shades

These are fire!!! Loved the sppeedy delivery guys. Looking to get another pair from alhazen soon!

Bongi N.


Got these as a gift for my daughter and she absolutely loves them. Knew she'd love the feminine look.


Fast Shipping

Received my glasses yesterday, sooner than i thought. thanks for the fast shipping!! was surprised by how good the quality is. the lenses is perfect for our south african sun :)


Alhazen represents an appreciation of the art borne of expertise, and the cultivation of taste.

 Understanding the intricacies of design and process, Alhazen Eyewear values the inherent beauty in construction and the qualities of materials used therein. From an inclusive vision drawing on a timeless fount of artistry and allure, we develop contemporary eyewear through inspired design.

SS19-20 Collection: Live inspired. #livealhazen

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