The Alhazen Identity

We assume you’ve been wondering about us. Our name may have generated a fair bit of curiosity.

What is Alhazen Eyewear? Who is Alhazen? What’s the brand all about?

Alhazen Eyewear - A Contemporary Experience

Let's move, dramatically, beyond the haze...

First things first – We’re all about eyewear, as you’ve pieced together by our name. You may call them “shades” or “sunnies”, but we’ll have you know that Alhazen focusses on all aspects of sunglasses, from their protective quality and durability, to the way they can complete a look and make you look downright sexy.

We bring the best of those qualities together – knowing that you prioritise a hot aesthetic – using a little something that we call The Alchemy of Style. It’s a process of design, science, and an intangible magical element that culminates in an inspired accessory that’s practical, too.

Apart from the intangible magic used in their design and construction, we use this to bring something exclusive and authentic to your collection without proverbially burning a whole in that wallet of yours.



Our name, Alhazen Eyewear pays homage to a scientist named Alhazen, or Al-Hasan ibn Haytham (to use his abbreviated name). He lived in the 10th and 11th centuries, and stepped out of Persia to bring the world some of its greatest, most important discoveries, innovations, and inventions.


Alhazen Eyewear - A depiction of the illustrious scientist Ibn Haytham, or Alhazen.


Alhazen has been called “the world’s first true scientist”, teaching us how to “do” science through systematic and meticulous method. It was Alhazen’s work with optics and lenses that led to the development of the world’s first eyeglasses (this is the part where you say “Ahh, now I get it.”), microscopes, and telescopes. And so, we pay homage to greatness, adapting what Alhazen began with the modern world, knowing that you’ve got to look back in order to properly focus on what’s ahead.


What about the present, the now?

It was Alhazen who taught us to seize the now, to take a piece of it with us into the future so that we may never forget. It was he who built the very first camera obscura, or dark room, leading to the understanding of the principles of photography. That killer Insta feed you’ve got through capturing your experiences, moments, and pieces of your very own identity would never have been were it not for Alhazen.

Still, it’s not just optics that he’s influenced – Alhazen was renowned for his interests in astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, medicine, music, and poetry! His works in astronomy concentrated on a providing a complete geometrical description of the motion of celestial  bodies.


Alhazen Eyewear - Mizar Collection - Volo Sunglasses


It’s this holistic perspective that we also draw our inspiration from. Alhazen Eyewear is about experiencing every facet of the world with the right perspective, understanding every experience uniquely and in relation to each other.

We’ve drawn on the past and on greatness, while living in the now, making the exclusive attainable to you. What better way to gain perspective than with a pair of inspired eyewear?

Own a pair, write your name in history and become a part of the Alhazen Society.